On Saturday night at the World Athletics Championships in London, Usain Bolt came third in the 100m final behind Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman.

Gatlin, who was roundly booed by the crowd due to his doping history, won with a staggering 9.92 second time.

Bolt was a class act in accepting defeat in his final race - his first non-gold performance in a major championships since 2008.

Gatlin said the conversation went thus:

We’re rivals on the track and we’ve had a rivalry on the track throughout the years but in the warm-up area we were joking and having a good time and he said to me 'congratulations, you work hard for this, and you don’t deserve all these boos.'

Usain has accomplished so much in our sport and inspired others like Coleman to come out and compete in the championships.

Usain said 'Congratulations, you deserve it.'

And that’s from the man himself. He knows how hard I work.

Tonight was all about the W and I managed to sneak it.

Bolt said of his defeat:

My start is killing me. Normally it gets better during the rounds but it didn’t come together. And that is what killed me. I felt it was there.

It was rough. A little bit stressed. But I came out like at any other championships and I did my best.

Thanks for the support. I could never expect this from any other crowd.

They are what pushed me to do my best.

Class act.

HT Unilad

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