Man asked Justin Timberlake to hold his baby during a golf tournament – and what he did was brilliant

Michael Hood/YouTube

Justin Timberlake and Steph Curry played a bit of golf at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Tahoe on Sunday 16 July.

While Mark Mulder, a pitcher in the Majors, won the tournament for a third straight year, JT won the unofficial viral competition.

"How?", you ask?

Michael Hood was in the crowd.

Michael seems to have attended the tournament with a mission - to get a celebrity to hold his baby.

You see where this is going.

Michael uploaded the video to his YouTube and you can see the full thing below:

He first attempted to get Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors to oblige, unsuccessfully, as he walked between holes.

But JT stepped up.

He held the baby aloft for a few seconds before mimicking the iconic scene from Disney's The Lion King, singing:

Nants ingonyama!

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