Kate Abdo gives 'masterclass'  reaction to Jamie Carragher's awkward 'loyalty' gag

Kate Abdo gives 'masterclass'  reaction to Jamie Carragher's awkward 'loyalty' gag
Kate Abdo delivers perfect response to Jamie Carragher after relationship clash
CBS Sports Golazo

CBS Sports presenter Kate Abdo has been praised for delivering a 'masterclass' reaction to Jamie Carragher's awkward banter.

On March 12, during CBS' coverage of the Champions League at The Emirates Stadium as Arsenal beat Porto on penalties, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher questioned Kate's loyalty to her fiancee Malik Scott.

The whole panel was stunned by what he said, with Kate and Thierry Henry questioning it and Micah Richards looking down in disbelief.

Abdo has since hit back when introducing CBS' coverage of the Champions League from their London studio on March 13.

Kate said: "This group, we have been together now for three-and-a-half years I think, I grew up with a brother and I feel like I've gained three more here.

"Thierry Henry, of course, the golden child who can do no wrong, always says the right thing and sets the example for the rest of us.

"Can he be intimidating? Yes he can. But he is the big brother we all look up to and we all aspire to."

Thierry Henry said 'amen to that' before Abdo addressed Carragher.

She said: "Then, there is the middle child, Jamie Carragher.

"Chip on his shoulder, capable of saying anything for attention. Does he go too far sometimes? Absolutely.

"Does he apologise? Yes he does. All of us have that annoying family member we still love and accept."

Thierry and Micah were in fits of laughter through this but Kate wasn't done just yet.

She said: "Then there's little bro. Loud but loveable. Micah Richards. Easy to pick on, impossible not to love and everybody's favourite.

"And you know what? Like a good family, we stick together, so here we are - another day, another show."

CBS posted the clip on X / Twitter and it's gone down well in the comments.

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