Italy’s Leonardo Bonucci trolls England fans with just four words

Italy’s Leonardo Bonucci trolls England fans with just four words

The Euro 2020 final headed to nail-biting penalty shootouts after a 1-1 draw between England and Italy - and after Bukayo Sako’s penalty was saved by Italy, the Italian team broke out into a frenzy after they secured their second European Championship trophy.

Italy star Leonardo Bonucci, celebrated by putting his own spin on England’s popular 1996 song, ‘Three Lions’ by Frank Skinner and David Baddiel. In a clip circulating online, the 34-year-old is heard repeatedly screaming “It’s coming to Rome!” into the nearest camera - just seconds after Italy’s triumph.

Following Italy’s win, Chelsea’s midfielder Jorgingo and Bonucci took to Instagram with a video ‘singing’ their rendition of the song.

Italy supporters flocked to Twitter to celebrate the win - understandably, England fans weren’t impressed.

One smug fan quizzed England fans on how it was ever ‘coming home’, to highlight that the European Championship had never actually been won by England.

One tweeted a reference to Denmark’s Kasper Schmeichel asking ‘has it ever come home?’ during the semi-final press conference.

While another overwhelmed supporter thanked the players for ‘saving football.’

In very few words, one called the Italian star’s ‘savage.’

Naturally, heartbroken England fans didn’t take lightly to Bonucci’s ‘taunt’ and deemed it ‘too soon’ to be tormented - one suggested the banter ‘was lame’.

While another England fan branded the opposition as ‘cheats’.

A third deemed Bonucci’s chant as ‘disrespectful’, but suggested it was karma for England booing the opposition’s anthem.

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