Listen to the amazing welcome home Iceland's football team got

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 05 July 2016 17:00
Picture: Bertrand Bertrois/Getty

The Iceland football team has been the underdog sweetheart of the 2016 European Championships.

Last week Iceland won a 2-1 victory against England,and you might remember commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson, who was so happy about the win he couldn’t contain himself and almost lost his voice shouting:

Live the way you want England, Iceland is going to play France Sunday you can go home, you can go out of Europe you can go wherever you want!

Despite the optimism, Iceland played a rough quarter-final game and lost to France on Sunday 5-2.

It doesn’t matter though, because the team received a welcome home fitting of Norse gods.

Around 10 per cent of the country's population turned up in Reykjavik to greet the players on Monday, to deafening applause:

Picture: Karl Petersson/Getty

Picture: Karl Petersson/Getty

Picture: Karl Petersson/Getty

And you can listen to the famous 'HUH' chanting in the clip below.

While the tiny Nordic nation is out of the tournament, there are some silver linings:

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