London Marathon: Lord mayor of Sheffield hilariously eats ice whilst running across Tower Bridge

The current Lord Mayor of Sheffield, 'Magic' Magid Magid, is quite a character and all the better for it.

Whether he is calling Donald Trump a 'wasteman' or mocking Theresa May and Brexit, the Green Party councillor has become something of a cult hero on Twitter.

Today, Magid was one of the thousands of runners taking part in the gruelling London marathon, which is a major task for even the most elite of athletes.

Yet, for Magid it seemed to be a stroll in the park as a few hours into the run he shared a video on Twitter of himself eating an ice cream whilst running across Tower Bridge. It even had a flake in it.

Effotless. We just hope that he doesn't make a mess all over himself or worse...drop it.

The clip has already been viewed more than 26,000 times and needless to say people are loving it.

He's definitely having a better time than this guy...

Of course, Magid was running the marathon for a very good cause. All of the donations he is raising are going to three charities: The Unity Gym Project, Sheffield Women's Counselling and Therapy Service and Sheffield Flourish.

You can donate to the causes here.

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