Magnus Carlsen beaten by 10-year-old hailed as the 'Messi of chess'

Magnus Carlsen beaten by 10-year-old hailed as the 'Messi of chess'
World Champion Magnus Carlsen's head coach reveals his chess strategy
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The chess world is always throwing up surprises, it seems.

We’ve had any number of cheating scandals over recent years, not least the infamous “anal bead” claims which sent shockwaves through the game.

Now, one of the most famous names in the history of the sport, Magnus Carlsen, has been beaten by a new 10-year-old prodigy who is being dubbed the “Messi of chess”.

His name is Faustino Oro, and he’s already beaten Grandmasters Daniel Naroditsky and Hikaru Nakamura.

However, his latest feat is his most high-profile yet.

Faustino Oro vs Magnus Carlsen - Bullet Brawl

Oro beat Carlsen in a Bullet game. These game sees players given less than three minutes per game, based on a game lasting 40 moves.

Oro streamed the game on his YouTube channel and as he pushed for victory he made his elation pretty clear.

“If I lose this I can retire from chess,” he said as he pushed for victory. Carlsen then retired with defeat looking a certainty. posted about Oro’s win, adding the caption: “The 10-year-old ‘Golden Boy’ Faustino Oro beat Magnus Carlsen yesterday in a bullet game!”

The site then compared him to his fellow Argentianian, calling him the “Messi of chess”.

He’s certainly one of the most exciting talents the sport has seen in years – “Lionel Chessi” might be a more appropriate name, though?

Meanwhile, the patient installed with Elon Musk’s brain chip has played online chess using only their mind and online chess players hope it will revolutionize the game.

Previously, the world of chess was hit with more controversy recently after streamer and grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura dismissed “garbage” claims that he had cheated.

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