Ben Kean clearly got on the Banter Train at Platform Lad and rode it all the way to his wedding day.

The lifelong Arsenal fan, 26, aimed for serious laughs when he gave a moving toast to guests at his big day in October last year.

And on Thursday Ben shared his and wife Kirsty's big moment by posting a video to Twitter.

At first, it appears to everyone that the groom is talking to his beloved bride, 23, talking of his undying love, her virtuous ways.

Ben blissfully proclaims:

All that I hope is that this special person knows from the bottom of my heart how much they truly mean to me.

I know it’s really hard to find a person who can make you feel this way and I’m never ever going to take them for granted.

But then he declares that he's actually talking about Arsenal star Mesut Ozil:

Ben, a football coach and further education tutor from London, told i100:

Basically, me and my wife joke about how much I love Ozil, so I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate him in my speech as a little joke.

Luckily my wife thought it was funny and just playfully hit me. She knew something was up when I didn't mention her name during the speech.

She wasn't in tears – just so you know, mate. Everyone has said she was reduced to tears, but she wasn't.

I've been an Arsenal fan all my life and go to lots of games.

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