Man Utd fans react to Joel Glazer’s statement committing to “new era of dialogue”

Sinead Butler
Friday 07 May 2021 17:33

Avram Glazer (L) and Joel Glazer, the Co-Chairmen of Manchester United have faced criticism ever since they took ownership of the club back in 2005.

(Getty Images)

Manchester United’s Executive Co-chairman, Joel Glazer has released a statement committing to a “new era of dialogue” and fans have a lot to say about it on social media in response.

In the statement, Glazer said the club wanted to work with the Forum “to come up with an ambitious package of measures which will transform our relationship with fans and strengthen the club for the long-term”.

Glazer acknowledged his part in United signing up for the doomed European Super League, “I would like to reiterate my sincere apology for the mistakes that were made.”

“In addition, I want to reassure you that my family and I care deeply about Manchester United and feel a profound sense of responsibility to protect and enhance its strength for the long-term while respecting its values and traditions.”

The Executive Co-chairman also said they will need to “significantly increase investment in Old Trafford and our training complex to ensure that the club’s facilities remain among the best in Europe.”

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After this letter was published, Joel Glazer began trending on Twitter as Man Utd fans discussed their thoughts on Glazer’s new commitments.

Many were not impressed with Glazer’s attempt to simmer down tension with fans.

Football journalists, pundits and former players also reacted to the statement with varying degrees of scepticism.

This pledge comes after a turbulent few weeks for the club after it was criticised for signing up to the European Super League without consulting with fans beforehand.

Man Utd, along with the other five Premier League clubs eventually gave in to the pressure and withdrew from the competition.

This lack of trust led to Man Utd fans protesting against the American owners last weekend before their home game against Liverpool.

Around 100 fans protested outside and managed to invade the grounds and marched onto the pitch and stands, causing criminal damage.

As a result, the game had to be postponed due to two police officers being injured and Covid safety procedures being breached.

Manchester United supporters are planning a second protest before next week’s rearranged match with Liverpool, according to Manchester Evening News.