<p>Man said he'd get wife pregnant if NFL team responded to TikTok video</p>

Man said he'd get wife pregnant if NFL team responded to TikTok video

(TikTok/@ varneyfamily)

Oh, baby.

It looks like a family is about to get bigger by one thanks to a viral TikTok that caught the attention of a few NFL teams.

It all began when a couple uploaded a video that said the man would get his wife pregnant if an NFL team responded to their TikTok— looks like chivalry isn’t dead!

“Don’t let me down @NFL 🏈,” wrote the couple, who have a popular account called The Varney Family. The added the hashtags “#babyfever #baby #shootforthestars #NFL #SuperBowl #football #tiktokhelpme” in their caption.


Don’t let me down @NFL 🏈 #babyfever #baby #shootforthestars #NFL #SuperBowl #football #tiktokhelpme

In the comments the two asked their followers to tag their favorite NFL teams.

Well, it looks like their hard work paid off because several NFL teams did comment and honestly we’d be upset if they didn’t all step up to be the baby’s godparents. The teams’ TikTok accounts also replied with suggested names for the possible future child.

The Jacksonville Jaguars commented, “Name the baby ‘Jaxson?’”

“We’re thinking Patrick if it’s a boy, Patricia if it’s a girl,” wrote The Kansas City Chiefs as a nod to quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“’Colt’ would be a cute name,” wrote the account of the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders.

The Philadelphia Eagles chimed in to write, “Thoughts on naming the baby Philly?”

“The amount of times we’ve been tagged in the comments,” wrote the Chicago Bears.

“Jets a really cute name,” wrote the New York Jets.

The Atlanta Falcons wrote, “We understood the assignment.”

The Baltimore Ravens commented, “We just named a dog Tucker... a cute baby name too.”

The comments also garnered the attention of coffee shops, soccer teams, and baseball teams!

We’ll be reporting back in nine months with an update.

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