Runner's personal best marathon time ruined by his penis

Dominik Cvik/YouTube

Warning: This article is about a man accidentally exposing himself and features images to that effect.

When you're in the zone, you're really in the zone.

Jozef Urban, a 31-year-old marathon runner, has become the star of a viral video featuring his personal best marathon time.

On Sunday, he clocked a 27 second personal best time of 2:21:51 at the Kosice Peace Marathon in his home country of Slovakia.

But his top 10 performance on the race day wasn't the reason for the video's popularity, sadly.

His genitals had become untucked from his shorts and were fully exposed during the final stretch.

It's assumed Urban did not know of his exposure, as he high-fived spectators on the final stretch.

Or he just went with the vibe.

The Kosice Peace Marathon is the oldest marathon in Europe, beginning in 1924 and admitting women in 1980.

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