Megan Rapinoe missed Olympic opening ceremony so she created her own

Megan Rapinoe missed Olympic opening ceremony so she created her own

Just because football star Megan Rapinoe missed out on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony, it didn’t necessarily mean she had to miss out on all the fun.

The American player showed off her Team USA spirit along with teammate Abby Dahlkemper by sporting their opening ceremony uniforms whilst pretending to march into the National Stadium in Japan’s capital.

The addition of the bright red and blue lights also added to the atmosphere in the camp.

In the video clip, Rapinoe showed off her method acting skills bear the imaginary US flag - the role that her girlfriend Sue Bird actually did in the real ceremony.

It was shared on Twitter by the United States women’s national soccer team (USWNT) to get Americans into the Olympic spirit.

They captioned the tweet: “If you can’t go to the #OpeningCeremony, you bring the #OpeningCeremony to you.”

Americans share their love for the alternative opening ceremony and have encouraged the pair to win gold for their country.

The squad appear to be in good spirits despite losing 3-0 in their opening match of the tournament against Sweden - breaking their 44-match unbeaten streak.

History seemingly repeated itself as Sweden was also the team who knocked out the US at the 2016 Olympics.

Now, the US face a must-win match against New Zealand tomorrow in order to have a chance to advance past the group stages.

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