Michael Owen's banter level reached minus figures on Sunday after he declared that Carlisle FC's football pitch needed "more rain".

The football star-turned-pundit often attracts interest when commentating on games.

It's because he often says things like this:

His latest blunder happened as he watched League Two outfit Carlisle take on Premier League side Everton in the FA Cup.

As you'll likely be aware, Carlisle's home county of Cumbria, like much of the north of England, has been blighted by heavy rain in recent weeks and has endured flooding.

Carlisle's stadium didn't escape and needed a lot of work to be readied for the club's tie with Everton.

Owen, true to form, scored a massive own goal while discussing the team's first-half performance, seemingly suggesting that more rain may have improved the ground.

Maybe he thinks it would've given the underdogs a better chance at winning against more accomplished opposition?

Twitter reacted...

Amazingly, it's not the only humourous quip Owen came out with while watching the match.

He also said, as Carlisle went 2-0 down in the first 15 minutes...

It's not the start Carlisle would have wanted.


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