MMA fighter shoves sex toy in opponent’s face in explosive pre-fight display

MMA fighter shoves sex toy in opponent’s face in explosive pre-fight display

An MMA fighter took intimidating pre-fight stand-offs to unusual heights last weekend by shoving a sex toy in her opponent’s face, as you do.

Ewa Brodnicka pushed a sex toy in the face of her opponent, MMA fighter Aniela Bogusz, at a High League promotional event in Poland, causing a fight.

After the toy was initially brandished, Bogusz threw it back at her and the two started to fight before security intervened and pulled them apart. They then took turns grabbing the mediator’s microphone to shout insults at each other before they started to shove and kick each other once again.

Reacting to the clip, which was shared online, people were baffled and amused:

But some people thought it was scripted and planned:

It seems Bogusz, despite being the underdog, had the last laugh as she won the match.

Posting on Instagram, she shared a photo of herself kissing the trophy and said: “I defeated a professional boxer world champion. It still doesn’t come to me … Thank you for your support. I thank those who believed in me. Love you.”

Meanwhile, Brodnicka also thanked fans for their support:

“I did not give up the duel because I did not want to disappoint the fans and the organizers, despite the fact that the last 3 weeks of preparations are fighting pain and crossing my own limits during the rehabilitation of a broken leg,” she wrote, adding: “This is no excuse and I congratulate my opponent on winning.”

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