At around 9.46am on December 18, 2018, a large pocket of Twitter experienced a sudden tremor as they realised that Jose Mourinho had been sacked as Machester United manager.

The Portuguese's tenure at Old Trafford had been pretty dreadful for the last few months and fans were getting tired of seeing limp and lifeless performances from their side, with star players performing well below their usual standards.

After a comprehensive 3-1 loss to the close rivals Liverpool on Sunday, the Man United board decided to cut their losses and bid Mourinho farewell in a bid to try and repair their domestic and European campaign.

Speculation immediately began to resonate about who would replace him and few a few hours Twitter was awash with jokes and memes at Mourinho's expense. Some of them were good. Some of them were bad.

So, whilst you're still processing the news about a man losing his job and somehow still earning £24 million, allow us to distract you with 20 of the best and worst reactions from the Twitter on today's biggest news story.

1. Pizza Hut's take wasn't the best.

2. David Lammy's casual trolling of Mourinho and Theresa May was perfect.

3. Man Utd midfielder Paul Pogba, who didn't see eye-to-eye with Mourinho, tweeted this.

4. In response to Pogba.

5. Jamie Carragher responding to Neville responding to Pogba.

6. Piers Morgan trying to act like he knows about football.

7. Mourinho vs. McGregor would probably make a lot of money.

8. On how many times Mourinho has been sacked from a Premier League club.

9. On former Man Utd striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being linked to the job.

10. It's like the pound whenever Theresa May makes a statement, only in reverse.

11. Former Man Utd defender Patrice Evra tried to spread some positivity.

12. Strictly Come Dancing will be a must-watch show next year.

13. Mourinho's three-year stay in Manchester's Lowry Hotel has finally come to an end.

14. This interesting stat about Jurgen Klopp.

15. Mourinho's win percentage vs. Klopp's win percentage.

16. We can't wait to see what Jese...sorry, Jose does next.

17. It's unlikely that he's too bothered. Remember that payout that we mentioned?

18. 'Jose Mourinho is a bit like a Sega Master System. He's had his day.'

19. There is only one man for the job now.

20. At least Jose gets to spend Christmas with his family now rather than preparing for a game against Huddersfield.

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