Mum knocks out son's ex-girlfriend in brutal cage fight

Mum knocks out son's ex-girlfriend in brutal cage fight
Clout MMA

Plenty of people will have daydreamed about getting revenge on their ex – but few can say they got their mum to knock them out cold for them.

That is, however, exactly what happened for one person after a brutal cage fight took place in Poland recently.

It came during the event organised by Clout MMA in the city of Plock, which included the latest in a run of bizarre MMA fights in the country and across Eastern Europe.

There, a 50-year-old mother went toe to toe with a 19-year-old who had previously been dating her son.

The older woman, named Małgorzata Zwierzyńska, took on Nikola Alokin in a cage fight for the event.

It’s pretty common to see bad blood fights like this one over recent times, but the match between the pair might be the strangest yet.

Zwierzyńska, also referred to as Goha Magical, is TikTok famous in Poland and she creates videos with her son, known as Daniel Magical.

The bout saw the Zwierzyńska knock Alokin down to the ground in the first round, which contributed to the fight ending two rounds later when Alokin refused to keep fighting.

It’s safe to say, the fight sparked a big reaction online.

“Ultimate revenge,” one wrote in the comments section, while another said: “This is more entertaining than logan vs dillon.”

A user also said: “I need to know the beef behind this because she was definitely fed up.”

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