You can bet on the length of the Super Bowl anthem and this is what you should pick

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Among the many things you can bet on at the Super Bowl, one of them is the length of the national anthem.

Yes, seriously.

Every year prop bets become more and more popular amongst people. Why bet on the winning team or the score when you can bet if someone will propose or what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?

Betting on the national anthem is one of the more niche prop bets but that doesn't stop fans from doing their research to make the best-estimated guess.

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Lucky for betters, Sandy Plashkes and Tyler Mackillop from OwnersBox made a TikTok giving fans all the information needed to place the bets.

This year's national anthem performer is country singer Mickey Guyton who apparently has a track record for signing the national anthem speedily. In fact, she's earned the reputation as "quicky Mickey" because she sings the national anthem quickly.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Guyton said she did not want to reveal any information about her performance because she knows bets are being placed.

"I don’t want to give up the color because there’s bets going on about the color I will wear and how long I'm going to sing the national anthem," she said. "I guess they call me [Quickie] Mickey because I do sing the national anthem fast."

Mickey Guyton will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl this year Getty Images

In the video, the boys share that the allocated time for the Super Bowl national anthem is 95 seconds, or one minute and 35 seconds.

But before you place your bets that Guyton will go under the allocated national anthem time, you should know the national anthem length history.

"The last 11 Super Bowls [the national anthem] has gone over a minute and 35," Mackillop says. "The number of 1.35 is so absurd, with it gone over 11 straight times that I have to take the under because it doesn't make any sense." Mackillop jokes.

Take the over, just trust me 💰 #SuperBowl #nationalanthem #superbowlpick #superbowlbet #mickeyguyton #sportsbetting #fyp


Take the over, just trust me 💰 #SuperBowl #nationalanthem #superbowlpick #superbowlbet #mickeyguyton #sportsbetting #fyp

Take the over, just trust me 💰 #SuperBowl #nationalanthem #superbowlpick #superbowlbet #mickeyguyton #sportsbetting #fyp

Based on the history of the national anthem, the boys suggest taking the over since it's historically more likely. Plus, "this is her time to go off," as Plashkes says.

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