Super Bowl LVI Player Props: Take Joe Burrow (-106) For Most Passing ...

Sure you can bet on the winning Super Bowl team and how many points they'll win by. But isn't it more fun to bet on how long the National Anthem will take to sing? Or the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach?

Proposition betting, or prop bets, have become extremely popular among sports fans. Prop betting is a form of betting that doesn't correlate to the outcome of the game, often these are lower stakes and keep the game interesting for fans.

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One of the more popular prop bets is betting on the Gatorade shower color.

Its tradition for the players of the winning team to dump the Gatorade onto the head coach but what color that Gatorade will be is a secret, even to players.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach gets blue Gatorade dumped on him at last year's Super Bowl Getty Images

According to sports publication, The Athletic, three Gatorade jugs of different colors and flavors and set out for players during the game. But which one they'll grab to dump on the coach is anybody's guess.

This, along with the coin toss, are the most commonly known prop bets but there are several others that people looking to bet can participate in. Including, betting on how long the National Anthem will take to sing, who will sing first at the halftime show, will a player propose to their significant other after the game, and more.

If you are going to bet, please bet responsibly. And if it helps at all, last year's Gatorade shower was blue.

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