NBA star fist-bumps a baby after scoring 3 pointer

NBA star fist-bumps a baby after scoring 3 pointer
Suns' Devin Booker delivers surprise for Phoenix area girl scouts

After Devin Booker took a shot in the Suns' playoff game on Tuesday night he was captured adorably dapping up a baby to celebrate the wild basket.

The Phoenix star's interaction with the toddler who was courtside with his parents occurred when he drilled a stepback jumper to end the first quarter of the Suns vs. Pelicans game.

"Devin Booker dapped up a baby after this shot," read a tweet alongside a video.

Another tweet read, "DEVIN BOOKER's 1st Half 🔥 31 Points12/18 Shooting7/10 Threes1 Fist-Bump With A Baby."

His girlfriend, Kendall Jenner was in attendance and shared videos of her view throughout the night on Instagram.

The night took a turn for the worse for Booker in the third, as he injured his hamstring. His injuries prevented him from being able to return to action.

The Suns went on to lose without the star, 125-114.

Booker's interaction with the baby has since become a viral meme with many making fun at the situation.

"How the baby Devin Booker dapped up walking into preschool tomorrow," read one tweet.

"When the baby’s parent tell him to wash his hands at home after Devin Booker gave the baby a fist bump," read another.

Someone else wrote on Twitter, "This is Devin Booker fist bumping a fan while going absolutely insane in the playoffs…that baby grew up to be Lebron James."

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