Never ask footballer Marta if she is the female Neymar

Never ask footballer Marta if she is the female Neymar

There is only one Brazilian footballer's name on everyone's lips in Rio and it is not Neymar.

Marta Viera da Silva, thought to be the best female football player ever, is wowing fans at the Olympics in and - quite rightly - is sick of being compared to her male counterpart.

"Marta is Marta, Neymar is Neymar," she told a reporter.

"I have to live my life day-to-day and try my best on the field with my team to get victories. I don’t know what’s going to happen if we win the gold medal. We want the gold medal for ourselves, for our careers, for women’s soccer."

During the team's match against China, of which Brazil won 3-0, fans chanted "Marta is better than Neymar!" She has also been compared to Brazilian legend Pele - who himself said Marta was "Pele in a skirt".

Some have said that Marta's success has increased interest in the game, but she knows there is a long way to go for it to be as popular as the men's games. "A lot has to happen and evolve and we know that, but the support is way bigger now compared to when I started playing," she said.

However - maybe there is hope. A young fan was seen in a customised shirt, where he had scribbled out Neymar and replaced it with Marta.

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