Olympic skier smashed into cameraman and ends up in crumpled ball, then says: 'Owie'

Olympic skier smashed into cameraman and ends up in crumpled ball, then says: 'Owie'
Finnish skier crashes into a cameraperson during men's freestyle ski qualifiers

During the men's freestyle ski halfpipe qualifiers at the Beijing Olympics, Finnish skier Jon Sallinen accidentally crashed into a camera operator.

Sallinen picked up too much speed when coming off his sixth halfpipe and lost control of his skis, accidentally clipping a camera leaving the cameraperson stumbling backward and himself in a crumped ball.

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Finish Olympic skier Jon Sallinen crashes into cameraperson Getty Images

"Owie," Sallinen said while awaiting his score. Owie was right, although neither the skier nor the cameraperson seemed to be seriously injured there's no doubt the crash hurt. "I hope the camera guy is all good, sorry" Sallinen added.

But luckily the skier was able to finish his halfpipe and do a second run. The cameraperson seemed to be ok too, later seen back on their feet filming.

Sallinen received a score of 18.00 out of 100 for his first run and 18.50 out of 100 for his second, making his total score 18.50, the lowest out of the 23 competitors. Unfortunately, Sallinen will not move on to the final round.

Sallinen's crash into a cameraperson landed him with a 18/100 score Reuters

This is Sallinen's first Olympic games.

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