Patrice Evra hilariously trolls Liam and Noel Gallagher with Wonderwall remix after Man City defeat

<p>The former left-back enjoyed mocking Liam Gallagher after City lost in the Champions League final</p>

The former left-back enjoyed mocking Liam Gallagher after City lost in the Champions League final


Manchester United legend Patrice Evra has mocked Noel and Liam Gallagher in the most hilarious way after Manchester City’s Champions League defeat on Saturday.

The former United captain decided to poke fun at the brothers (who are massive Man City fans) after Liam was very vocal over United’s loss on Wednesday in the Europa League final against Villareal.

(Although “Yellow Submarine” refers to a Beatles song and album, it is also the famous nickname for Villareal due to their yellow home kit).

So, when City lost against Chelsea, Evra – who has previously traded sporting barbs with Liam – wasted no time in getting his revenge.

In a video posted to Twitter, Evra can be seen wearing a wig reminiscent of the Gallaghers’ iconic hairstyles, paired with the round sunglasses which the band members often wore.

Evra laughs as Wonderwall (by Oasis) plays in the background and says: “You remember when you were laughing at me when United lost? Now it's your turn!”

He adds: "Don't be jealous. I just want to say this is a special Monday for you, Liam, and stop saying Manchester is blue. I've got more trophies than your entire club!"

He then decided to change the lyrics to Wonderwall to fit the occasion:

“I said maybe, you’re gonna win it when I’m 90!

And after all, you’re my noisy neighbour!”

Finishing the clip with his catchphrase: “I love this game!”

Since the video was posted a few hours ago, it has already been liked over 30,000 times.

Of course, football Twitter has plenty to say about the trolling:

United fans particularly enjoyed the video....

But, there were some that didn’t see the funny side to Evra’s video.

While others commented on how happy Evra looked in his Gallagher-inspired get-up.

Evra, himself, was unimpressed that no one had commented on his new hair-do.

Even Oasis fans found Evra’s video funny, which lead to him questioning them: “Do Oasis fans still love this game?”

Maybe both teams will have better luck next season. Until then we’ll have to wait and see what Liam’s got to say in response to Evra’s remix...

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