Patriots fan branded 'The Karen Silencer' after remaining ice-cool in face of ranting woman

Patriots fan branded 'The Karen Silencer' after remaining ice-cool in face of ranting woman
What Happened To The Patriots?

A New England Patriots fan is being praised for remaining cool-headed after a woman harassed him during a game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The fan, identified as Jerry Edmond, attended his first NFL game on Sunday 18 December to cheer on his team at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Wearing a No 12 Patriots jersey, otherwise known as Tom Brady's number, Edmond sat alongside Raiders fans to watch the game go down.

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Unfortunately, he did not have the most pleasant first experience as one Raiders fan antagonized him throughout the game, eventually yelling in his face.

One Twitter user took a video of the woman harassing Edmond and said she spent the game "chipping" at him for "cheering for the Patriots in 'her' stadium."

The video shows the woman getting close to Edmond's face, yelling at him, and shaking her fingers at him at the end of the game.

Edmond, who The Daily Mail branded as a "Karen Silencer", remained still the entire time, not engaging with the angry woman.

Despite the Raiders' win against the Patriots 30-24, the woman appeared extremely angry, at one point a man pulled her away from Edmond, seemingly afraid she would fight him.

The video went viral, racking up over 18 million views with many people praising Edmond for remaining calm.




Edmond identified himself as the Patriots fan in the video by responding to the viral tweet.

"I’d like to thank everyone for all the kind words," Edmond wrote. "I’m the Patriots fan in the video , my name is Jerry Edmond and that was my first ever NFL game . I didn’t want to ruin my experience by retaliating towards that women so I kept my cool."

Several sports organizations reached out to Edmond to reward him for not engaging with the woman.

TickPick told Edmond they would provide him with tickets to any NFL game he wants to attend in the future.

Robert Kraft, the CEO of the Patriots, personally invited Edmond to watch the game between the Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday for representing the New England fan base with "class and composure."

One Raiders fan told Edmond he would give him his season pass tickets and seats the next time the Patriots were at Allegiant Stadium.

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