<p>Roy Keane appeared more concerned about drinks spilling than the early England goal</p>

Roy Keane appeared more concerned about drinks spilling than the early England goal


England fans were euphoric when the Three Lions took an early lead in the second minute thanks to Luke Shaw.

But it was the reaction of football pundit Roy Keane that many viewers noticed.

When Shaw scored the goal, the camera on ITV panned to see the reaction of the pundits.

While fellow English pundits Gary Nevile and Ian Wright jumped around in jubilation, the former Irish international remained cool, calm and collected.

Instead, Keane was more concerned about the cups of tea on his table being knocked over. In the footage, he is captured quietly removing them away from the chaotic celebratory scenes.

Even commentator Sam Matterface saw the funny side to Keane’s blasé response.

“Look, Look! Roy making sure that the tea doesn’t go anywhere,” he said.

As the former Manchester United midfielder is from Cork, and played for Ireland in his international career, he has no horse in this particular race.

People on Twitter found Keane’s reactions just as humorous as the commentator did.

While others thought that Keane perfectly captured the relatability of being the designated driver.

Some joked that Keane must have been drinking the Irish favourite, Barry’s Tea, to be so concerned about the beverages.

Elsewhere, some described Keane’s concern about the drinks as typically Irish.

Though the celebrations did eventually calm down after Italy equalised in the 67th minute with a goal by Leonardo Bonucci.

Keane previously had viewers in stitches on Wednesday as he recalled when he went to a Neil Diamond concert– the musician behind “Sweet Caroline.”

“Yeah, [I went] about 10 years ago... but I ended up arguing with the woman next to me.

“She kept singing all the songs out quite loud so I got in a bit of trouble that night... but brilliant concert.”

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