Ruben Dias threw up in Jack Grealish's mum's handbag during Man City's boozy celebrations

Ruben Dias threw up in Jack Grealish's mum's handbag during Man City's boozy celebrations
Ruben Dias signs contract extension at City until 2027

The internet has been awash with pictures of Manchester City footballers’ raucous celebrations after they won three major trophies this season. And one player’s antics in particular has grabbed the limelight more than any other: England international-turned-chief party starter Jack Grealish.

Images of the Birmingham-born star downing vodka from the bottle, singing karaoke, stumbling around drunkenly and claiming not to have slept for 24 hours have helped him steal the show on social media after City won the treble – but the partying has come at a cost.

It has emerged that Ruben Dias, his Portuguese teammate, threw up in Grealish’s mother’s handbag, City Goalkeeper Ederson told TNT Sports.

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Ederson said: “After a very exhausting and incredible season, only United had managed to do it, of course, we have to enjoy and let our emotions out. These are months of intense work. Who drinks, drinks. 99 per cent of the group drank, enjoyed it. Many players ended only on Monday. That’s part of it. Got to enjoy the good times.

“The missing 1 per cent is Nathan Ake, there are others who don’t drink, but they made an exception. Dias went to make that exception, but it didn't work out for him. Two shots and he blew it all out. Coincidentally, it was all in Jack Grealish's mother's purse!”

Meanwhile, England manager Gareth Southgate also weighed in on the star’s wild celebrations ahead of the team’s Euro 2024 qualifier against Malta on Friday, saying: “There is a line.”

However, he stopped short of criticising Grealish and his teammates, adding: “In our head we weren’t thinking of including the City players for this game. We’ve been through this scenario three or four times in the last few years with our players leading into games. It’s a huge occasion.”

When asked if it was excessive of Grealish to party for three days, he added: “I have spoken with the players and we have talked about where our focus needs to be and where we need them to be. We have acknowledged what they have experienced and that is for me to manage over the coming weeks.”

“A few of our players would be teetotal [when I played],” Southgate said. “What is different is that everyone posts everything. I wouldn’t have liked a few of my nights out to be posted publicly. My generation would have been in a lot more problems.”

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