San Marino scored their first away goal in 14 years, went absolutely crazy, trolled Cristiano Ronaldo

San Marino, a small landlocked nation in northern Italy, only has a population of about 30,000 - which, put into context, is about the same size as Newark-on-Trent.

Owing to that meagre selection pool, it's fair to say San Marino doesn't do too well in international football - heck, they even lost to England last weekend.

Going into their game against Lithuania (population 2.95million) on Tuesday night, "La Serenissima" hadn't scored away from home in competitive football in 14 years - since Nicola Albani's goal against Latvia in 2001 (which can be seen in the dispiritingly-named "Not Losses" section of the team's Wikipedia page).

But in the 55th minute, trailing by one goal, up stepped Matteo Vitaioli...

The striker tore off his shirt in wild celebration, was chased down and piled upon by team-mates, substitutes and coaching staff alike in wonderfully joyous scenes.

The team's Twitter account even enjoyed some gentle ribbing of the world's best plaeyr:

We are quite sorry to report, however, that San Marino went on to lose the match 2-1 after Lukas Spalvis' winner for the hosts in the 92nd minute.

Picture: AP

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