Sandro Tonali had an 'awkward' moment when Newcastle team mates asked him about Wetherspoons

Sandro Tonali had an 'awkward' moment when Newcastle team mates asked him about Wetherspoons
Why Sandro Tonali Solves Newcastle United's Biggest Problem

Newcastle United footballer Sandro Tonali has revealed what it was like going to Wetherspoons after news of his visit went viral.

The club’s new £55 million signing from Milan drew some hilarious reactions after it was revealed he booked a table at the local Wetherspoons pub.

Unsurprisingly, with a weekly salary of £150,000 plus, there was suspicion that Tonali’s Newcastle teammates had pranked him by sending him there as a joke. But, manager Eddie Howe cleared it up, saying it was a “very innocent” situation and he went there of his own accord.

Now, teammate Callum Wilson has opened up about the moment the team found out he went to Spoons and Tonali’s thoughts on the establishment.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Wilson said: “I come into training one day when it happened and we were sitting at breakfast. Everyone was like ‘did you see the pictures of Sandro in Wetherspoons yesterday?’. I was like, surely not. And they were like ‘yeah, look’.

“So they were all showing us pictures of it round the table at breakfast. Then he come into the canteen and it was one of those awkward moments when you’re talking about someone and they enter the room. It just goes silent.”

The footballer continued, saying that one of the players asked him how it was, but sadly they couldn’t get to the bottom of why he had chosen to go to a Spoons.

“One of the lads goes ‘Oh Sandro, did you enjoy Wetherspoons last night?’. He was like ‘Yeah, yeah, it was good’, so we just left it at that.

“Then people were starting to say ‘did you know there are better restaurants’, but I’m not sure if he’s just Googled a good rated restaurant and that’s come up. I didn’t get to the bottom of it.”

Well, as long as he enjoyed it.

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