A skater missed out on an Olympic medal and her coach's reaction has been described as 'chilling'

A skater missed out on an Olympic medal and her coach's reaction has been described as 'chilling'
IOC President 'Disturbed' By Valieva’s Entourage

Russian star Kamila Valieva received a "chilling" reaction from her entourage after a mistake-filled routine on the ice at the Beijing, Olympics.

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach heavily criticized Valieva’s entourage for their “tremendous coldness” toward the 15-year-old skater after her free skate.

Valieva, who has faced intense scrutiny and controversy due to a positive doping test, finished fourth.

During her routine, she fell multiple times.

This shocking placement came after she had helped Russia win a gold medal earlier in the Olympics, making it all the more devastating for the 15-year-old who received no consolation and a cold shoulder from her entourage.

Although he IOC president did not call out Valieva’s coach, Eteri Tutberidze, by name; she was seen on camera telling a distraught Valieva “Why did you let it go? Why did you stop fighting?"

"I must say I was very very disturbed yesterday when I watched the competition on TV," he said. Bach added, "When I afterward saw how she was received by her closet entourage with what appeared to be a tremendous coldness, it was chilling."

“Rather than giving her comfort, rather than to try to to help her, you could feel this chilling atmosphere,” he told reporters. “If you were interpreting the body language of them it got even worse because this was even some kind of dismissive gestures.”

"You could feel this chilling atmosphere, this distance," he explained.

Tutberidze and other members of Valieva’s entourage will be investigated over the teenager’s positive test for a heart medication ahead of the Olympics.

The IOC president also noted the pressure Valieva faced was “beyond my imagination.”

Online, many people were similarly disturbed by the way Valieva was treated.

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