Pro tennis match interrupted by couple having extremely loud sex


Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger met in an outdoor tie of the Sarasota Open in Florida on Wednesday.

The all-American first round match was won 6-3,6-2 by Tiafoe.

However, this wasn't the main news line from the fixture.

At 3-2 in the second set, noises from a neighbouring apartment disrupted the game, to the point that Tiafoe shouted to the crowd:

It can't be that good!

Even the commentator remarked, after initial discussion of it being an adult film:

I still hear it, it's still going! What is going on?

The noises were coming from an apartment across the lake from the court it transpired.

Watch the full video, below for the moment - about 2 minutes in:

The two on court seemed to enjoy the news attention.

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