The Football League has renamed itself EFL but please do not confuse it with the EDL

The Football League announced on Thursday afternoon that it was rebranding itself as EFL.

Formerly known as just the "Football League" - the three divisions below the Premier League, comprising 72 clubs - the oldest league competition in the world will now be known as the "English Football League" or "EFL" for short.

The organisation explained in a statement:

The EFL name will be accompanied by a stunning new visual identity featuring a dynamic circular arrangement of 72 balls in three swathes of 24, representing each of the League’s member clubs and the respective divisions they play in.

But many people are unhappy with the new identity.

The judgement on Twitter was swift and brutal.

Some people said it sounded a bit like French energy giant EDF.

There's also the problem that not all of the teams in the Football League are actually English.

Welsh fans were not happy.

Americans interjected and just made everything worse.

This guy even wants to put it in his washing machine.

But lots of people pointed out that it sounded a lot like far-right, Islamophobic outfit the English Defence League.

Back to the drawing board?

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