The ten weirdest things to have ever happened on a golf course

1 Crash landing

Kenneth Howes and Karla Goodhouse crash landed a plane on the 17th fairway of Stillmeadow Country Club, Ohio, in April this year after an engine failure. Neither was hurt.

2 Splash out

Thomas Levet withdrew from the 2011 British Open after breaking his shin jumping into the lake to celebrate winning the French Open two weeks before.

3 A slaw unto himself

Rory McIlroy once hit out of a bunker filled with 900lb of coleslaw, as part of an ESPN documentary on “sports science”.

4 Lawyers to the fore

A friendly game of golf descended into an eight-year legal battle when a doctor accused a fellow golfer of not shouting “fore” after playing his shot which struck him, blinding him in one eye.

5 Snappy dressers

In 2011 two alligators were filmed fighting for territory on the Eagles golf course in Florida.

6 Drop shot

A 2ft long leopard shark fell from the sky and landed – alive – near the 12th tee on the San Juan Hills Golf Club in California in 2012.

7 Raining balls

In 1969 it was literally raining golf balls in Punta Gorda after they were picked up by a tornado at a nearby course then precipitated back on the Florida town.

8 Ouch!

Rory McIlroy again - during the World Match Play Championship, he hit a shot out of the rough, which caused a spectator to jump out of the way – and straight into a cactus bush.

9 Photo finish

John Daly hurled a fan’s camera at a tree during the Australian Open after he took a picture during one of his shots. Golf Australia ruled it was the fan’s fault.

10 Branching out

After hitting his ball into a tree, Sergio Garcia, instead of taking a drop, climbed the tree, took his shot and avoided taking any penalty.

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