Wednesday evening proved to be a dramatic few hours in the history of Britain.

After the government narrowly survived a vote of no-confidence, Theresa May offered to speak to leaders of opposition parties and include them in her fresh attempts to get a Brexit deal.

The PM was then set to make an unscheduled statement outside of 10 Downing Street at 10pm, which was due to be broadcast on BBC One. However, 22 men in Southampton had other ideas.

A FA Cup third-round replay between Southampton and Derby County, that was taking place at the exact same time on BBC One, finished 2-2, meaning that it would be heading to extra time.

This was a bit inconvenient for the BBC as May's speech was due to be broadcast on BBC One, but they couldn't exactly turn off an important football game before it had finished.

Imagine the uproar that would have created!

People soon clocked what was going to happen and began to make jokes at May's expense (it just had to be her, didn't it) on Twitter.

This eventually forced the BBC to move May's speech to BBC Two as Southampton and Derby attempted to find a winning goal.

May had her Brexit deal defeated and lost her slot on BBC One in consecutive nights. Could it get any worse for the PM?

Derby eventually won the game on penalties to set up a fourth-round tie with Accrington Stanley.

Oh... and Theresa May gave a two-minute speech outside of Downing Street.

HT Twitter Moments

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