This advert is the perfect tribute to England's women's football team

A newspaper advert has brilliantly summarised the hurdles overcome by the England women's football team in their journey to third place in the World Cup.

The Lionesses defeated Germany on Saturday night, making them the second most successful England national team behind the men's 1966 heroes.

But as this advert by FA sponsor Vauxhall, which appeared in national newspapers including The Times on Saturday, showed, it was by no means an easy ride.

The boys who wouldn't let you play

The teachers who wouldn't let you join the team

The bosses who wouldn't give you time off to train

The pundits who patronised you

The relatives who just didn't get it

The doubters

The smirkers

The chauvinists

The shirt-swapping gags

The Mexicans

The Colombians

The Norwegians

The Canadians

You beat them all. And won 50 million hearts along the way.

Congratulations to the Lionesses on an unforgettable tournament.

After the team's success, there should at least be fewer hurdles for the next generation.

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