This football referee was kicked, in response he pulled a gun

Louis Dor
Tuesday 29 September 2015 13:50

A Brazilian amateur football match was disrupted at the weekend when a referee was kicked by a player and reacted by drawing what appeared to be a gun.

The referee, Gabriel Murta, dismissed a player who, unhappy with the decision, lashed out at him in the game between Brumadinho and Amantes da Bola in a regional amateur league fixture in Belo Horizonte.

Murta, a member of the police force, immediately left the pitch for the dressing room and returned with his handgun.

According to the head of the local football federation, Giuliano Bozzano, Murta said he was attacked, felt threatened and sought the weapon in self-defence.

He is reportedly due to meet a federation psychologist and may be handed a suspension or a permanent ban.

For the full video, see below:

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