Which European football league offers the best value for money?

The most value-for-money top divisions in football have been revealed in a new price index, with the Bundesliga found to offer the best quality football for the ticket price.

Meanwhile the Premier League places fourth in the GoEuro Football Price Index, behind Spain and Portugal in second and third respectively.

Part of the reason for the Premier League's low ranking in value for money and the high ranking of the Bundesliga are their respective ticket prices.

The Premier League commands the highest average ticket price and the second-highest average cost for a travelling fan, in the latter case behind only the MLS, a league which spans from Vancouver to Orlando.

The index picked 25 top tier leagues and took the average price of a match ticket, from all stadiums of all teams, excluding luxury or VIP tickets.

The quality of the leagues and their subsequent rankings were measured using several world football rankings including Uefa, Fifa, and third party databases.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro said:

It costs almost the same to travel to Germany to see a Bundesliga match as it does to stay in the UK and attend a Premier League game. Each week more than 2,000 British fans travel to see Borussia Dortmund play, in addition to the 1,500 Brits travelling to St. Pauli games in Hamburg and the 1,000 Brits going to Union Berlin games on a weekly basis.

These numbers might lead you to question whether home fans in the UK are really getting a fair deal for their money.

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