'Time traveller' shares footage of the 2022 World Cup final

'Time traveller' shares footage of the 2022 World Cup final
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We don’t know what’s going on, but TikTok seems to be full of ‘time travellers’ at the moment.

There are dozens of users on the site claiming to be from the future, and one of them is trying to tell us the result of this year’s World Cup final.

The user in question, named World Cup Time Traveller (@worldcuptimetraveller), is claiming that Brazil will win this year’s tournament after beating France in the final.

"Brazil just beat France in the 2022 World Cup final,” they wrote, alongside a video showing footage of the two sides. The clip is actually pretty well cut together, with Brazil celebrating, Olivier Giroud looking glum and the scoreline showing 2-1.

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It’s not the most inspired of selections, particularly as Brazil are one of the favourites to win the tournament as things stand.


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However, World Cup Time Traveller has made a few correct predictions in the past after saying that Italy would win the final of the Euros 2-1 and predicting England's 4-0 win over Ukraine last summer too.

People are divided, and while most are treating it with the scepticism it deserves, some genuinely seem to think the user is an actual time traveller in the comments.

It does beg the question, though – why are they posting videos on TikTok telling us all the results, rather than just keeping quiet and making a load of money by betting on the games?

World Cup Time Traveller has competition when it comes to viral TikTokers. User Eno Alaric, (@RadiantTimeTraveler) has gone viral with his videos that supposedly give us insight into the future, and in one of the most recent videos he has told viewers to remember four upcoming dates in December.

Alaric also claimed back in October he warned that a meteor will supposedly hit the Earth on December 8.

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