'Time-traveller from 2671' claims huge meteor will crash into Earth in TikTok warning

'Time-traveller from 2671' claims huge meteor will crash into Earth in TikTok warning
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A man who claims he's a time traveller from the future (2671 to be exact) has taken to TikTok to warn when a meteor will supposedly hit the Earth and its consequences.

TikToker Eno Alaric, (@RadiantTimeTraveler) has commanded people's attention and asked them to remember five upcoming dates (though he has a few videos with different dates so perhaps he's throwing crazy predictions out the to see if there is a minuscule possibility one sticks).

The first key date to keep note of is November 30 2022, where we will apparently say goodbye to nighttime as he claims a star will explode and this when the light reaches Earth," it will cause the sky to be "lit up for years to come."

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Then not too long after this, the festive period will apparently look a lot different since, on December 8 2022, he claimed: "A large meteor hits Earth containing new types of metals and alien species."

Just when you thought the madness is over, another prediction for December 20 is a whopping 9.8 magnitude earthquake will "open a hole in the Mariana Trench," causing the release of the largest species (thought doesn't name what this is).


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The new year doesn't provide any more good news as according to Alaric, "massive versions of many species" will be discovered on January 29 2023 such as a "3ft spider, 1ft ant, and 18ft bear."

Fast forward to March 1 2023, and the time traveller says "the first human breeds with a chimpanzee," to top it all off.

It appears all of us here on Earth will be really going through it in the unlikely event these are true - though at least humanity somehow managed to live on 649 years later... if we believe the time-traveller.

And if we do, we better buckle up for the event months to come.

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