The tiny football car just made its first trip outside of Europe

The tiny football car just made its first trip outside of Europe
The Tiny Football Car makes it way to Canada.mp4

Approaching the turf and holding the football needed for the match between the Cavalry and HFX Wanderers on Sunday was the Tiny Football Car - which made its first appearance outside of Europe for the Canadian match.

The Tiny Football Car is a miniature version of the Volkswagen ID.4 that was first introduced during the UEFA Euro 2020, leading to memes and jokes about it.

The car, operated by remote control, brings the match ball into the field to kick off the game and has become a beloved guest star. It even has its own Twitter account.

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Now, it's spreading its wings, or wheels, and making its debut in Canada.

In a video posted to the car's Twitter, the tiny vehicle delivered the football to Cavalry player Myer Bevan before the match. Upon receiving the ball, Bevan reached down and patted the tiny car on its hood for a job well done.

The return of the Tiny Football Car excited fans of the small vehicle who found its appearance adorable, much like its return to UEFA Euro 2021.

"Tiny Car is my new best friend now, Also, absolutely love the little pat [Myer Bevan] gives it after collecting the ball," Charlie wrote on Twitter.

"Eh good to see you oot and aboot in Canada," Dan wrote.

"HAPPY TO SEE U," Cochu replied to the Tiny Football Car.

With a warm welcome, the Tiny Football Car is ready to take on the Canadian Premier League.

The adored car has developed a cult following of fans who watch matches with anticipation of the miniature vehicle's appearance. Last July, the car was painted colors of the LGBTQ+ flag as a way to show support for the community, which garnered the small car an even bigger fanbase.

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