People think the US Women's first team lost 12-0 to Wrexham - they didn't

People think the US Women's first team lost 12-0 to Wrexham - they didn't

The Soccer Tournament has made headlines around the world after Wrexham beat US Women 12-0 in the competition.

In case you missed it, the Soccer Tournament is a new seven-a-side event that features a host of famous former players and sees 32 teams compete for a $1 million prize.

It also features both male and female players, and the most eye-catching result so far saw the US Women team suffer a heavy defeat at the hands of Welsh side Wrexham.

However, people have been posting the score without any context, and it’s led some social media users to infer that the US Women’s first team were the ones who got resoundingly beaten.

This isn’t the case.

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In reality, it was a representative side made up of mostly retired internationals who took on a team including former Wrexham and Swansea player Lee Trundle, who led the Welsh side and bagged four goals.

The US Women representative side are now out of the competition and can’t make it into the knockout stage.

The result has attracted attention online, with clips from the game being shared on social media and people – either willingly, or not – misrepresenting the full context of the result.

Speaking after the game, the US women’s side captain and World Cup winner Heather O'Reilly explained how happy she was to have been involved in the competition.

“We're super proud, so happy to be here at this event,” O’Reilly said at half time. “Hopefully we've proven to anybody, just go for it, just live.

“What's the worst thing that could happen? We could lose 16-0 to Wrexham? We don't care. We're living, we're being bold, we're being brave.”

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