Usain Bolt got taken out by a Segway and all he got was this lousy friendship bracelet

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Friday 28 August 2015 13:30

Usain Bolt has made his peace with the cameraman who crashed into him on a Segway moments after he had won the 200m at the World Athletics Championships.

Bolt was celebrating a double-win over former drugs-cheat Justin Gatlin with fans in Beijing's Bird's Nest stadium when Tao Song, who works for host broadcaster CCTV, drove over a bump in the track and straight into the sprinter.


Bolt had dusted himself off and checked to see if both cameraman and his camera were OK, but Song had the chance to make amends when they met at the medal ceremony.

He appeared to also give him a good luck charm.

The Guardian's Owen Gibson spoke to Song afterwards, who said via a translator: "The important thing is that he is OK. I'm fine and ready to get back to work."

Bolt had joked after the Segway crash that the cameraman had been paid by Gatlin.

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