We should just stop tennis now because this Roger Federer trick shot will never be bettered

Roger Federer, the seven-time Wimbledon champion (and also talented actor), was clearly having a good time on court today.

For his second round match Federer was pitted against American Sam Querrey, and his younger opponent did his best to keep up.

Federer toyed with him for a while before committing an Act of Tennis at the end of the first set so brilliant and so brutal it drew sighs of wonder from the Centre Court crowd.

Behold Federer effortlessly performing what we're told is called a "front tweener", or trick shot from between the legs:

Ding ding ding what was that oh yeah the elevator cos you're not on my level.

The guy's face at the end of this video is probably what you look like right now:

Adoration for the undisputed master of the court has poured in online after he won 6-4, 6-2, 6-2.

In the post-match interview Federer told reporters: "Playing between the legs you want to win the point in the end, 'cause if you don't, you'll look silly."

Look at that bashful smile. You'd almost think he didn't know exactly what he was doing.

All hail the king.

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