World Cup 2018: Gareth Southgate is responsible for the best memes of this year's tournament

Saturday 07 July 2018 16:30
(Getty Images)

Is there anyone in the UK more beloved right now than Gareth Southgate?

Well, maybe Harry Kane. And Harry Maguire. And Dele Alli. And Jordan Pickford... you get the point.

If there's one thing Gareth Southgate has over the England squad though, it's that he's a one-man meme factory, as PA reporter Edd Dracott and sports writer Max McLean were quick to point out.

Here are the best of the best.

1. "Hi Gareth, this is football. Do you know which way home is?"

2. Gareth's sartorial choices have been one of the highlights of this year's tournament.

3. Soon to be sir Jordan Pickford, surely?

4. He knew what he was doing all along.

5. It's coming home, you know.

6. You can't tell us it's not.

7. It's definitely, definitely coming home.


Football is coming home, and the road to that home is paved with Gareth Southgate memes.

Gareth, we love you.

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