Girl who received Mason Mount shirt left in tears after he sends her a special message on This Morning

Girl who received Mason Mount shirt left in tears after he sends her a special message on This Morning

A young England fan was left tearful during her appearance on This Morning after England player Mason Mount sent her a special message.

10-year-old Belle McNally’s year was made this week when the Chelsea player spotted her in the crowd, after England’s historic semi final win against Denmark on Wednesday.

He jumped the barrier, and brushed past security to gift her his shirt.

Belle appeared to be overwhelmed by it all and began sobbing and hugging her dad Tommy trying to wrap her head around what just happened.

Both Mason’s kind gesture and Belle’s tearful reaction captured the hearts of everyone and a clip of the interaction soon went viral.

On Friday’s episode of This Morning, Belle and her dad chatted to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about the heartwarming moment.

“It was so many different emotions because as I said, I didn’t expect it,” Belle said when asked how she felt after receiving the shirt.

“Many people came up to me and high-fived me as I tried to walk up the stairs,” she added.

Belle also brought the shirt along with her to show the hosts, and said she is going to have framed and put up on her bedroom wall.

“For me as a father, to see that happen is just a dream come true,” Tommy said.

Then Holly asked the father and daughter where they will be watching the Sunday’s final and Tommy - who has three children - explained that it wasn’t Belle’s turn to attend the match.

Instead, it would be his youngest’s turn to attend the game with him.

Despite not attending the final, another surprise was in store for Belle.

“Although we might be able to go, not one better but get close to making to today pretty special,” Phillip said.

Mason Mount surprises young England fan he gave his shirt with a personal messageYouTube/This Morning and ITV

The camera then cut to none other than Mason Mount where he thanked Belle for her support and for making the night of the semi final so special.

He said: “Hi Belle, it’s Mason here, and I just wanted to do this message to you and say how special your reaction was after the game when I gave you my shirt.

“Obviously we won the game and that was a big achievement but that really topped it off for me, and made it an even [more] special night for me.

“Thank you for all your support, it really means a lot and hopefully see you Sunday,” Mason added.

During the message, Belle can be seen covering her mouth with her hands in shock.

Phillip then asked her: “How’s that? That’s pretty amazing isn’t it?”

Appearing emotional, the youngster began to tear up as she hugged her dad who joked: “Don’t cry again!”

Holly told Belle: “Awww you can cry, they’re happy tears and we like happy tears here.”

Another unforgettable day for the young England fan.

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