Entitled husband demands divorce because wife wouldn't sleep with him on their wedding night

Entitled husband demands divorce because wife wouldn't sleep with him on their wedding night

Radio host Abbie Chatfield was appalled at a caller's story of her short-lived marriage


A woman has revealed how her marriage came to an abrupt end after her husband demanded a divorce the morning after their wedding.

The woman from Sydney, named only as Rachel, said her groom was furious because she “didn’t give him what he wanted” on the night of their nuptials.

Dialling into Australia’s Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfieldradio show, Rachel told her hosts: “I was married for not even 24 hours before my husband wanted a divorce, and we separated two weeks later.”

She explained: “The night of the wedding, we went out, and when we got back to the hotel room, unfortunately, I didn’t give him what he wanted.”

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Probed on what she meant by “what he wanted”, Rachel clarified that her partner had wanted sex. But, she said: “We were tired. I didn’t want to, and the next day he wanted a divorce.”

She also pointed out that they had been together for some time, so it wasn’t as though they’d been building up to the big moment (not that that would make any difference to how unacceptable his response was).

Chatfield, a former reality TV star, instantly shared her disgust at the man’s behaviour, while noting that “a lot of people don’t have sex on their wedding night because they’re so tired”.

“I’m sorry, Rachel, what an awful, disgusting man,” the presenter said, adding: “Men are revolting.”


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A clip of their interview racked up more than 80,000 views and 5,000 likes on TikTok in a week, as commentators reinforced Chatfield’s assessment.

“Men like him deserve to stay single forever,” said one.

“Absolutely dodged a bullet,” wrote another.

However, others suggested Rachel and her husband’s relationship was “doomed” to fail because of their “mismatched libidos”.

“He avoided a marriage of sexual frustration based on mismatched libido. Biggest cause of marriage angst and infidelity. Good call,” one concluded.

Suffice it to say, that wasn’t a popular assessment.

On a lighter note, fellow TikTokers shared their own memories of their wedding nights, celebrating the lack of action.

“My husband cried about how much he loved me then fell asleep while I removed 83 bobby pins from my hair,” one reminisced.

“My husband was too tired after unbuttoning the 300,000,000 buttons on the back of my dress to get me out of it,” recalled another, adding jokily: “Romantic really.”

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