American ‘shocked’ by UK salaries, thought £50k was for a part-time job

American ‘shocked’ by UK salaries, thought £50k was for a part-time job
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An American man living in the UK was stunned to learn about how poor UK salaries are compared to back home.

In a viral clip shared online, TikTok user @mr._sassy told viewers he has lived in the UK for the last 10 years, with five of them living off a significantly higher US wage.

In his vlog series comparing the two countries, he explains how he was "shocked" when finishing his first degree and started looking at British jobs.

The TikToker recalls asking his friend: "'Why are they asking for a psychologist with a PhD? But offering £50,000? Is this, is this an error? Is this a part-time job?'"

His friend went on to explain that £50K is considered a substantial salary in the UK.

"I think people might think I'm being funny when I say this, but trying to understand what a comfortable salary was in the UK was kind of like trying to change Fahrenheit to Celsius, like, okay, is this good?" he continued.

"Is this hot, is this cold? Is this a comfortable salary, is it a poor salary?"


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"I'm sure you've seen them six figures. And with my background, I have a master's and a stem," the TikToker added. "I had the opportunity to make six comfortable figures. I will say I do miss having the American salary that I was living on when I first moved here."

So while a higher rate of pay is expected in the US, fellow TikTokers were quick to back why.

"There are lots of added costs in the USA compared to the U.K. I think, the tipping culture, healthcare, prescriptions so it makes sense they’re paid more," one person said.

Another added: "Life in the US is far more expensive due to healthcare costs, food prices and all the countless hidden tax additions to everything. I don't earn much, but it is enough."

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