American woman brands Wetherspoons and Toby Carvery food 'unseasoned trash'

American woman brands Wetherspoons and Toby Carvery food 'unseasoned trash'
American tourist discovers Wetherspoons for the first time

An American woman has gone viral online after blasting Wetherspoons and Toby Carvery as "unseasoned trash".

In the clip uploaded to TikTok, Charlie, 24, (@lunchpailgin) told her 1.1 million viewers how she went on a foodie tour around the UK, trying out some of the popular British hotspots including Wetherspoons, Toby Carvery, a Chinese takeaway and Nando's.

She described all of the food as "terrible" and that it was incomparable to the American equivalents.

She said British food "could never touch" American equivalents, comparing Wetherspoons to Chili's or an Applebee's and Nando's as a "mild version" of the US chain Chipotle.

"It's not that special. We have one in Miami. Next time you’re in Florida, just like go visit it. It's really nothing great," she said.

Desperate to try out the classic British Sunday dinner, Charlie headed to Toby Carvery – and suggested Americans do it better.


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Charlie's bold comments certainly garnered attention, with over 7,000 fellow TikTokers taking over the comments.

"If someone's been telling you to go to Tobys and spoons for real British food they were pranking you and you've gone hook, line and sinker," one person joked, while another reiterated: "I was about to be offended but then you said you went to Wetherspoons and Toby’s."

One Brit argued: "Toby Carvery and Wetherspoons aren’t supposed to be good. They are just cheap!!!"

Meanwhile, one tourist commented: "I was in England recently and we had some amazing British food. Pie and mash, bangers and mash, fish and chips."

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