The ‘Ashley look at me’ trend on TikTok explained

The ‘Ashley look at me’ trend on TikTok explained
The Boys - Series Rewind

If you're on TikTok, you'll know there is always a new trend that is going viral and one you may have heard on your For You page is the "Ashley, look at me," sound.

The actual audio originates from a remix of a scene from the TV show The Boysand was used on a fancam edit of the character Homelander created by TikToker @san.skywvker, while the song MONTAGEM – PR FUNK’ by S3BZS played.

In the clip used, Homelander (Anthony Starr) yells at his supervisor Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie): "Ashley, look at me!" after this line the beat then drops to show different clips of the character.

Since being posted back in June, the video has been viewed a whopping 69.9m times, with 5.8m likes and tens of thousands of comments from people.

One person said: "Bro accidentally started a trend."

"That’s the best edit I’ve ever seen," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "The 'look at me' was smooth."

"I can't believe how much this audio has blown up...," the TikTok creator admitted in the comments section.


look at me #skywvker #homelander #theboys #homelanderedit #theboysedit

As a result of going viral, the sound has been used in 4.9m videos as people have been using it to attempt their own flawless edits, fancams and transitions.

One popular transition is using the 'ugly’ Striking Face filter at the beginning of the TikTok while lip-dubbing Homelander’s line and then when the beat drops they transition to themselves without the filter.

Here are some examples from the trend:


New spider hoodie #spidergwen #acrossthespiderverse


I had to try this


Потом удалю🤣

While others have created a dance to the sound:


Look at me!😎


Ashley Look At Me #dance #funny #meme


Ashleeey african version 😂🇳🇬 Dc:@Kalinbrothers @KOOLKID⚡️ #ashley #fyp

Elsewhere, why is 'Once there was a way' song trending on TikTok?

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