Why is 'Once there was a way' song trending on TikTok?

Why is 'Once there was a way' song trending on TikTok?
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There's a new TikTok sound that's taken over everyone's For You page, perhaps the lyrics "Once there was a way" might ring a bell?

Well, the brief clip is actually from the 2016 film Sing, with Jennifer Hudson belting out the tune called "Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight," originally sung by The Beatles.

Now, seven years later it has randomly gone viral on TikTok as people use the dramatic orchestra sound to put a hilarious spin on different situations, and then applying the app's glamour filter for the punchline which is where Hudson sings.

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From crying on your birthday, to mum's unhelpful interventions to writing a Black Eyed Peas fanfic, participants in the trend have humorously proven how extensive the sound can used in different contexts.

Here are some of the most popular videos from the trend:

TikToker Sofie (@s0fica) used the sound to note when siblings are "just talking," that mum always assume there's trouble, as she used the glamour filter and wrote: "Stop fighting," and the video now has 15.2m views.



Meanwhile, another TikTok user Lori Price (@loriprice09) posted a video that has 1.2m views on how her mum was "innocently checking the family computer one day in 2013."

Then used the glamour filter whilst dramatically flicking her hair to reveal that on the computer was "the 10,000 word fanfic I wrote about the Black Eyed Peas."


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Using the sound for a more depressingly funny reason, TikTok user Victoria Rozmajzl (@victoria.rozmajzl) posted a video on "Girls wondering what they should do for their birthday," to which she then in the glamour filter reveals "Crying," in a clip that has over 18.7m views.

To see more of the hilarious videos from the trend, you can search the sound on the app.

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