Expat highlights the one thing that Brits in Australia can't get over

Expat highlights the one thing that Brits in Australia can't get over
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A British expat has been using TikTok to share her experiences moving to Australia – and there's one thing she simply cannot get over.

Radio host Jordana Grace (@thejordanagrace) hilariously joked that distance is not a concept Down Under, versus the "full-on day excursion" in the UK for a 45-minute drive.

"I’m talking turning my TV off at the wall, feeding the cat enough for the week and redirecting my mail," she humoured, calling it a "big deal" back home.

"[But] because Australia is the size of the moon, distance doesn’t worry Aussies," she joked in the clip that racked up almost 100,000 views.

Jordana went on to recount personal experiences with her "sneaky" Aussie friends, who drive 30 minutes each way for a donut.

"You gotta be careful with these Aussies because they're sneaky," she said. "If an Aussie asks you, 'oh yeah, do you wanna go to the beach?' and you ask how far it is, they'll reply with either, 'oh not far,' or 'just down the road.'"

"That road could be 1,000 kilometres," Jordana humoured.

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Distance isnt real in Australia. 😂 🇦🇺 driving 10 hours for a burger is totally normal #livinginaustralia #moving #australia travelling to 🇦🇺

Jordana's viral clip was inevitably inundated with comments, with one Aussie writing: "I drove two hours to go to a 24-hour KMart, just because I wanted an airfryer at 10pm."

"It literally takes me two hours – just to get to university," another added, while a third quipped: "My best friend drives an hour each way, just to hang out for the afternoon."

Meanwhile, one Brit joked: "In the UK, a 30-minute drive will take you through 50 towns and 300 traffic lights. Now, that is far out!"

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