Man says we're opening our advent calendars all wrong - but TikTok disagrees

Advent calendars opened by meerkats, lions, and squirrel monkeys at London Zoo

When December comes around, everyone is excited about Christmas approaching - especially since we get a chocolate treat on the days leading up to the festive celebration.

While everyone may agree that an advent calendar is a seasonal staple, many have been left divided over whether the calendar counts the days up to December 25th or if it's actually a countdown and should be done backwards.

This debate began when TikToker @supernoodle2 shared their opinion on the matter - and they believe many of us have been doing it incorrectly.

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"Advent calendars count down to Christmas, not up. You have been doing it wrong your whole life," the on-screen text read as he opened up number 24 on his Cadbury's chocolate advent calendar.

Since sharing this opinion, the TikToker's video has received 1.2m views, along with thousands of comments from people who strongly disagreed with how the advent calendar was opened, and made some arguments against this.

One person asked: "So then why is the best thing on the 24th or 25th?" noting how some advent calendars have a bigger door on the 24th, which may assume is the door to Christmas Eve, contrary to the TikToker's opinion.

"Advent CALENDAR.... you don't count down on a calendar, it would be called an advent countdown..." another person wrote.

Someone else added: "When I opened number 1 it says 24 sleeps," noting that there is a clear indication that the advent calendar begins at one, not 24.

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